Chagay Weiss

Certified Surgical Mohel

Licence Number from the Ministry of Health 722

Congratulations! and welcome

Congratulations! You have had a baby boy! Circumcision [Brit Mila] is the initiation of your son into the Jewish People.
The commandment of circumcision was first given to our forefather Abraham [of blessed memory] and from that time until the present day every Jewish male is circumcised when he is eight days old.
Circumcision is a form of minor surgery which must be done according to the strict conditions of Jewish Law, therefore it is important that one refer to an experienced qualified “Mohel” [one who performs the circumcision], who knows to combine professional medical knowledge with intricate knowledge of Jewish Law.

The Mohel Chagay Weiss is an experienced Mohel- who has qualifications from the Chief Rabbinate of Israel, and the Ministry of Health. He has performed circumcisions for the last 17 years throughout Israel and around the world- being careful to maintain the highest level of professionalism and at the same time being careful to keep Jewish Law to the utmost.

The Circumcision takes place in a completely sterile fashion, with the highest standards. The circumcision takes place using a sterile disposable kit for every child.

The Circumcision tales place in the presence of the parents being careful to keep the customs of the different congregation of Israel.

Because of the importance of this event the Mohel Chagay Weiss performs the Circumcision according to the request of the family- in a Hall or at home, or in a synagogue, with a detailed explanation of the ceremony.


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